Picture this: You’ve built an incredible application, tailored perfectly to its purpose, whether it is about managing coworking spaces, elevating tenant experience, or optimising smart logistics. But here’s the catch – the physical barrier of doors and access control often gets overlooked. That’s where smart access steps in, transforming from a mere feature to a necessity. And guess what? You don’t have to start from scratch. Tapkey specialises in providing smart, convenient, and secure API and SDK solutions that seamlessly integrate into your existing systems.

The Make-or-Buy Dilemma

When it comes to integrating smart access into your existing systems, businesses often face a critical decision: do we roll up our sleeves and build from scratch, or do we opt for a ready-made solution? It’s the classic make-or-buy dilemma. This decision is not just about choosing between creating a bespoke system or adopting an existing one; it’s about weighing the intricacies of innovation against the backdrop of efficiency, cost, and time.

Developing a new access control system from the ground up presents a formidable challenge. It involves a significant allocation of resources, from financial investment to manpower, not to mention the potential trial and error in achieving a seamless operation.

The smarter choice is to integrate Tapkey. Our ready-made solution offers a path laden with advantages. Tapkey not only simplifies the integration process with its Web API and Mobile SDK across various platforms but also aligns with the growing trend of leveraging cloud technology for enhanced security, scalability, and flexibility.

Choosing Tapkey means you’re not just integrating a solution but adopting an ecosystem designed for the future. Whether you’re a developer seeking to embed smart access into your application or a lock manufacturer looking to give your locks a tech upgrade, we’ve got you covered. By selecting Tapkey, businesses can bypass the burdensome development phase and immediately enhance their systems with a robust, flexible, and forward-thinking solution.

Tapkey System

Tailored Solution For Your Business

We get it – every business has its own set of unique challenges and requirements. That’s why Tapkey doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Whether you’re navigating the early stages of a startup or steering a multinational corporation, we’re dedicated to providing solutions that fit your specific needs like a glove. We’ve got the expertise and flexibility to make it happen, allowing for customization that fits your exact needs. 

Our ability to serve a diverse array of industries stems from this very commitment to tailored solutions: 

  • Shared workspaces that demand flexible access for a dynamic mix of hybrid offices and coworking spaces looking for enhanced security without sacrificing convenience, Tapkey’s innovative solutions are designed to adapt. Explore how we’re redefining access in shared workspaces.
  • For residential buildings, where security and ease of access are paramount, Tapkey offers unique solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. Learn more about our offerings for residential buildings.
  • In the self-storage industry, the need for robust yet user-friendly security is critical. Tapkey’s solution ensures that tenants can access their storage units with ease, providing peace of mind for both operators and users. Discover the benefits of Tapkey for self-storage.
  • The logistics sector faces unique challenges in managing access to secure areas and tracking deliveries efficiently. Tapkey’s smart access solutions offer the reliability and innovation needed to keep operations running smoothly. Find out how Tapkey is enabling smart logistics.

Moreover, Tapkey’s versatility shines across various other use cases, proving that our technology can be integrated into nearly any industry seeking advanced access control solutions. Check out six compelling use cases for integrating Tapkey.

As an access control provider, we make sure that our solution is as reliable and secure as it is innovative.

A Testament to Versatility and Integration

Our ability to enhance various business models with smart access is showcased through our dynamic partnerships. In collaboration with Officemanager, we’ve integrated smart access into coworking management systems, offering a more streamlined workflow. PT Pods utilized our technology to provide smartphone-enabled access to private gyms, demonstrating a unique application. EasySecure integrated Tapkey for improved identification and access control solutions, highlighting convenience and security (learn about this collaboration).

“Tapkey is a very flexible collaborator with a partner-friendly approach. We like to work together with Tapkey and to be honest, we have no points for improvement”, explains Werner Roest from EasySecure.

But wait, there is more! The self-storage industry also benefitted from Tapkey, enhancing customer experience through mobile access. Moreover, our partnership with companies like Bookzo showcases Tapkey’s adaptability in sectors like hotel and vacation rental management. These collaborations underscore Tapkey’s role in providing adaptable smart access solutions across various sectors.

Don’t reinvent the wheel – revolutionize your systems with Tapkey’s smart access solutions. Let’s innovate together! 

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