Tapkey is an open platform for mobile access control. We offer lock manufacturers and system integrators the opportunity of integrating Tapkey into the existing software. Everything for an optimal customer experience. 

Integrate Mobile Access Control

Integrate our fast, scalable digital access control solution to prepare your company for the future of access. Here are a few basics for all integrators who are interested in working with Tapkey.

1. Get a first overview 

Of course, we understand that before making a big business decision—such as an integration—you have to gather relevant information and compare offers. That is why you will find numerous tips on our website and blog. Some blog articles shed light on the topic of integration in general, others are dedicated to success stories of those companies that have already implemented Tapkey in their solution. They provide information about different use cases in which access control can be interesting. For example, we have already interviewed employees from RuptelaTokai RikaLocaboo and many more about the integration process. You will also find a checklist for integrators that summarizes the key features of our access control system. We also have a separate section in our help center, where questions about integration in particular are answered. This is how you find out what you can expect from the Tapkey solution.  

2. Collect information about interfaces on the Tapkey Developer Portal 

In order to be able to integrate Tapkey moothly, technical interfaces are required. But these are often not self-explanatory. For this reason, we have created detailed documentation of the interfaces on our developer portal. Here developers can get an initial overview of our Tapkey Management API, Mobile SDK and Lock SDK. Examples illustrate how such an implementation works.

3.Get technical support on Stack Overflow

It can happen that one or the other technical questions pops up. No problem! Our R&D team will answer them as soon as possible. To do this, you have to ask your question directly on Stack Overflow and you will receive help in no time. Small reminder: Don’t forget to add the Tapkey tag. 

4. Select the right license model 

To improve your own customer solution, you can use our API and SDKs. We have different license models that are tailored to each phase of your company. We differentiate between Ramp-up, Standard, or Enterprise. You can find out to what extent the models differ from each other here. 

5. Talk to Tapkey experts 

Would you like to discuss your specific requirements with a Tapkey expert or find out more about our license model? Then make an appointment right here. All details about a collaboration can be discussed during this conversation.

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