Tapkey Feature Overview

Whether in the field of coworking, car sharing or unattended delivery: there are different application scenarios for which access to buildings, vehicles or furniture is required. Tapkey is designed to digitally unlock a wide range of doors. However, to incorporate an access control system into your software, you need to delve into the specifics.

At Tapkey, we provide two integration options for your convenience. The first option is the Web API integration, where end users can register and unlock smart locks through the Tapkey App. Alternatively, the Mobile SDK integration seamlessly incorporates the entire unlocking process into your existing app.
To help integrators easily compare Tapkey with other systems, we have compiled the key features of our access control system in a concise summary.
  Characteristic/Feature Available?
Tapkey App Native apps (iOS and Android) and web portal  yes
  In English, German and 14 other languages yes
  Simple and intuitive use without software knowledge for all ages yes
  Location-based display of the nearest lock in app yes
  Tapkey Apple Watch App yes
Software Works with Tapkey NFC transponder and app yes
  System works without internet connectivity yes
  Designed for an unlimited number of doors and users yes
  Easy management of access permissions  yes
  Opening doors with Bluetooth and NFC yes
  Time-limited access authorisations yes
  Easy grouping of locks yes
  View battery status remotely for battery operated locks yes
  Tracking of access activities yes
  Full transparency about access authorisations yes
  Keeping doors permanently open (Office Mode) yes
  Unlock doors remotely no
Hardware A variety of locks suitable for different use cases yes
  Doors can be retrofitted yes
  Works parallel to physical keys with ÜLock or DOM Tapkey Guard yes
  Designed as offline products, locks also work in the event of a power failure yes
  Battery-free products, e.g. Smart Reader or ÜLock yes
  Installation possible through partner companies yes
Integration Open and flexible software interface (API) yes
  Developer kits (Mobile SDK and Lock SDK) for software developer yes

Detailed documentation about integration at Tapkey for Developers

  Existing implementations, e.g. Cobot, anny yes
  OSS-MA compatible yes
  Integrator Portal yes
Service and security Development of the system according to a security by design approach yes
  Security checks on a regular basis yes
  Stable and scalable backend infrastructure yes
  Secure end-to-end encryption yes
  System complies with EU GDPR yes
  Pentest approved by SySS yes

Find the full overview of Tapkeys features in our helpcenter.

Tapkey provides integrators from various verticals with a publicly accessible API. This enables third-party applications to add smart access to their own system. The coworking management software Cobot and the office as a service provider, SKEPP, were able to convince themselves of the simple integration and now benefit from the advantages of an integrated mobile access control.

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