New Standards For Security and Access Control Systems

The OSS Association focuses on developing new, open security standards. Read here how Tapkey contributes to innovation in the access control market.

Tapkey und OSS

Tapkey and the OSS Association

Tapkey officially joined the Open Security Standards Association on August 3, 2020. The organization is dedicated to the introduction, development, and maintenance of standardization in safety technology.

Tapkey und OSS

“As a provider of an open Access as a Service platform, we are committed to establishing and implementing industry standards, because this makes it easier for hardware manufacturers and integrators to benefit from our technology. As a contributing member of the OSS Association, we will contribute our long-standing know-how to the OSS standardisation processes. In a rapidly developing technology environment, we strive to help, that new standards also meet the requirements of future solutions.”

Markus Minichmayr
Co-CEO and CTO of Tapkey

What does OSS Mobile Standard mean?

The market for mobile credentials is one of the fastest-growing, so the desire for a standard is growing. For this reason, the OSS Association is working with its members on an OSS Mobile Access Standard. As a mobile credential provider, Tapkey is significantly involved in the design. You can expand the Tapkey access solution with OSS Mobile Access-compatible interfaces.

Interesting Facts About the OSS Association

All Advantages of an OSS Integration with Tapkey

The Tapkey Connect Platform

Web API, Mobile SDK & Lock SDK

Do you have a hardware or software solution and would like to become part of the Tapkey Open Platform Ecosystem? Or are you planning a proprietary access solution in which Tapkey lends a helping hand as the background technology? Get in touch.

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