White Label Solutions for your business

Use our white label options to offer your own mobile credentials app. All in your corporate identity and branding.

An Application All Your Own

Do you already have an existing RFID system or want to complement your own solution with a branded mobile access app? Offer your customers a bespoke mobile credential application under your own company name and branding.

Ready to go

Software development is far more than coding, and incurs many risks. It involves analysis, design, development, and testing phases—all of which are resource-intensive. Skip all of the above steps by using our white label solution —with minimal effort required on your part.

Mobile Access App—make it your own

We offer the following options

A white label app is a seamless and fast way to let customers associate your brand with an innovative mobile access solution. You can choose between these three white label solutions:

Open Source Keyring App von Tapkey

Option 1:
The Tapkey Open-Source Keyring App

Our full-function keychain app is available as open-source code, right on GitHub. This makes it incredibly easy for you to explore the possibilities of mobile credentials, while drastically reducing the time it takes for you to have your very own app.

Branded Access Solutions

Option 2:
Tapkey White Label Keyring App

The customized version of the Tapkey app includes keychain functionality, so users can open doors, boxes, and more, directly from their Android phone, iPhone, or even Apple Watch. App management can be performed from directly within your own software.

Whitelabel Keyring App

Option 3:
Tapkey Branded Access Solutions

This is the OEM version of the Tapkey app, designed specifically for lock manufacturers seeking to provide their own mobile access solution. It includes all the key features and functionality of the Tapkey-branded app, such as the ability to register and manage locks, digital keys, and NFC transponders.

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Tapkey White Label App Solutions Advantages

White label software is typically sold as a software-as-a-service model, which makes it very attractive to companies that can’t afford the full cost of app development upfront.

Mobile Access App adapted to your corporate design

With the open source template you have a free hand on how you adapt your app, the other possible solutions offer the following design options.

Whitelabel Solutions & Branded Access

Are you planning a system integration?

By integrating the Tapkey technology into your system, you can offer smarter access experiences—taking your product to the next level. Explain your use case, and we will show you all the possibilities.

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The Tapkey Connect Platform

In addition to the Web API and Mobile SDK, the Tapkey Connect Platform offers options such as whitelabel solutions and a Lock SDK.

Web API & Mobile SDK ➔

Lock SDK & PCB Reference Design ➔

Web API & Mobile SDK ➔

Lock SDK & PCB Reference Design ➔

What is the Tapkey Connect Plattform?

Web API, Mobile SDK & Lock SDK

The Tapkey Connect platform is an open Access as a Service platform for mobile access control. We create and distribute secure mobile access in a digitally connected world. We provide an API, Mobile and Lock SDK for software operators and hardware manufacturers to easily integrate mobile access into their products.

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Mobile Access: news & integration tips

In our Mobile Access Blog you will find exciting tips and insights from the industry and our partner projects.

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