Cobot x Tapkey – the Success Story

The secret has been revealed: Our Cobot integration has just been launched today at the Coworking Conference in Amsterdam. Cobot, a coworking management software has been expanded by the access solution Tapkey. We’ll tell you how coworking operators can benefit from it.

Cobot is a web-based coworking management application that simplifies day-to-day administration. Coworking operators can use a full range of additional solutions to manage their space, from planning and organisation to communications and finance. So why not access control too? “Tapkey is the perfect addition for access solutions to manage coworking spaces in a more flexible, customer-friendly, and cost-effective way,” says Alexander Lang, CTO at the tech startup in Berlin.

The goal of the partnership is to help coworking spaces simplify key management, automate processes and save time and money. Now coworking operators can manage access to their spaces with Cobot and Tapkey by giving their users access rights on their smartphone–without the need for conventional keys. Thanks to the Tapkey integration in Cobot, access authorisations can be assigned and revoked at the touch of a button.

With the new integration of Tapkey, operators can now organize their access management directly via the Cobot panel. It is possible to create rules for member tariffs and define access areas. The advantage: If a new member is created and assigned to a tariff, the coworker automatically receives an access authorisation for the pre-defined locks and times. Automated and virtually self-organised. Our video will show you how it works. Action!

Basically, sign up your space with Tapkey, add the integration from within Cobot and create and edit some plans with Monthly Extras assigned to Tapkey-enabled locks you’ve purchased.

After your members download the app, they’ll be able to access different parts of your space with just the app on their phone. That’s it! For more details, click here.

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