More and more software providers offer publicly available APIs to allow partners and customers access their platforms. So does Tapkey. Technical solutions are only helpful if they can be efficiently integrated into existing systems. Who benefits from several individual solutions that unnecessarily complicate everyday work? Systems from different providers can be connected via technical interfaces, so-called APIs. In this article you will find out why an open API is preferable to a closed API and for which industries the Tapkey API is of interest.

The Sky Is The Limit

PropTech solutions support companies in the real estate and construction industry  to digitise and hence optimise their processes. Fleet management systems help operators to manage their vehicle fleets. Processes are standardised by coworking management tools and make everyday work easier for every coworking space operator. APIs allow these tools to expand their functions, for example through mobile access control. A digital access control system diminishes the burden of key management and makes the key handover effective. There is no need to exchange mechanical keys anymore. APIs are helpful in doing business with partners and customers in these industries and simplify processes.

If other applications are integrated into everyday work, it is essential that applications run smoothly alongside and communicate at suitable points. In a coworking management system, numerous member data such as names membership durations and much more are stored. If a mobile access control system is now integrated, this system also needs the member data in order to be able to assign access authorisations, for example. Without an interface, the coworking operator has to log in to both systems and update both databases. If the systems are connected to each other via an API, both systems use the same data record. 

What is an API?
An API (Application Programming Interface) is a technical interface that acts as a data transmitter. It is used for the exchange and further processing of data and content between different websites, programs and providers. In this way, APIs enable third parties to access previously locked data pools and user groups.

In practice this means: no more duplicate entries. The manager only has to log into a system to make changes or check access rights. When more than two systems are used, the management becomes confusing and ineffective without APIs. 

Integrate digital door access

Digital door access control simplifies numerous work processes for administrators and property owners and lowers costs. Tapkey’s open API can be used to add smart access to a third party application or to extract data from Tapkey for further processing or analysis. Instead of creating members via the web portal and assigning access authorisations in the Tapkey web portal, everything can be done via one single interface. For example, the Tapkey system is integrated in the Cobot web application via the API


A coworking operator can use the Cobot web portal to add members who are automatically granted access to certain rooms. Via the Tapkey app, they can gain access to the coworking space. There is no classic key handover. A coworking operator only has to log in to Cobot to carry out all the steps that are necessary to control the entire process. Granting access to doors takes place here as well as the rest of the communication. 

APIs—the Glue for Digitisation

APIs connect all components for digital change. This includes business applications, all kinds of apps or smart things from the IoT. Like many other APIs, our management API is published on our website and available for everyone. Our goal is to encourage third party developers in vertical industries to innovate and find new ways to use our mobile access control system. An established digital solution can only succeed with a smooth integration into other digital systems. The advantages are obvious: Existing systems such as tenant apps, car sharing apps or management tools are expanded to include a useful function, mobile access. This simplifies and automates processes.


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