In a world of rapidly evolving technology, staying at the forefront of innovation is paramount. And we are committed to enhancing our offerings for developers and integrators, by constantly evolving to meet their needs. Central to this commitment is our Integrator Portal—a one-stop hub for all integration needs, whether you’re working with our Tapkey Web API or Tapkey Mobile SDK. Let’s dive in to see what it’s all about and how we are streamlining your integration experience.


Self-Service: Empowering Integrators

The Integrator Portal stands as a self-service page, designed with a user-centric approach to offer integrators the utmost autonomy. You can independently register, configure authentication mechanisms, and set up push notifications. There’s no waiting around—you can start working with the Tapkey Web API instantly. In a nutshell: It’s a comprehensive management and configuration tool for all businesses that want to integrate Tapkey Web API or Tapkey Mobile SDK.

Secure Authentication: OAuth and Beyond

Security is a top priority for Tapkey, and it is reflected in the robust authentication protocols in place. Our platform supports OAuth, a widely adopted open-standard authorization protocol to secure customer identification. Moreover, integrators can authenticate their users using their own identity providers. 

Push Notifications: Keeping Data Up-To-Date

With the aim of providing real-time updates for mobile keys, Tapkey enables integrators to facilitate push notifications. This ensures that any new digital key arrives proactively in the respective app, enabling keys to be downloaded by clients in advance, ensuring smooth offline operation. It’s important to note that these push notifications are designed to keep the user’s keyring up-to-date in the background.

Quick Start for New Integrators

If you’re just getting started with Tapkey, the Integrator Portal is your one-stop solution. Simply register and begin your integration journey in no time. Notably, using our Tapkey Web API along with the Tapkey App, you can kickstart your journey without the need for any direct interactions with Tapkey.

Our Integrator Portal is designed to empower integrators, offering a seamless, user-friendly experience whether you’re new or an existing user. With its emphasis on secure authentication, real-time push notifications, and a self-service approach. Let’s get to integrating mobile access into your systems!

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