Access Control & the Cloud

Traditional software is usually installed on individual devices and requires an admin to maintain the system. This can hinder companies when different departments need to work together, operate from a common database or continuously update data, which eats up both time and resources. However, this is exactly where cloud computing comes into play.

Cloud computing is a model for the provision of IT services or computing resources (e.g. servers, storage, databases, software etc.) via the internet, i.e. the cloud. It is comparable to a modern type of outsourcing where the required services are rented.

We can all agree that cloud computing offers users a wide range of possibilities. The simple and real-time scalability, increased organisational flexibility and location-independent access are just a few of the numerous benefits. Software as a Service (SaaS), a sub-area of cloud computing, is a way of providing centrally hosted applications over the internet as a service. Video surveillance, booking platforms and even more cloud-based applications help to automate workflows. Technologies are evolving and so are access control systems.

ACaaS (Access control as a service) is a modification of software as a service. It is used to control and secure the physical access of people to objects, rooms, cars and much more. While all hardware for access control remains on site, software and servers are removed from a company’s premises. The functions required to control the digital locks installed on site are provided via the internet, for example. These are configured and managed via the cloud. Access rights can be managed via a web-based user interface or simply via an app. ACaaS significantly reduces the investment costs for access control, as the services are calculated on the basis of a usage-dependent rental or subscription model. It also increases availability and security, because without any servers on-site the risk of them getting hacked or for them to break down is greatly reduced.

Cloud-based access control is a crucial part of the corporate strategy for companies of all sizes. This is intended not only to save time, money and trouble, but also to ensure  the security and future viability of companies. 

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Access Control

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