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Tapkey has been a member of the OSS Association for a year now. The non-profit organisation is an industry forum for the promotion and development of global standards for access control systems. One of the first initiatives was the development of the OSS Standard Offline, with which offline locks can be integrated much more easily into card-based access control systems. 

Since the market for mobile credentials is one of the fastest growing in security technology, the desire for a standard is also growing here. It is a strategic tool in competition. For this reason, the OSS Association has been working with its members on an OSS Mobile Access Standard for some time. 

As a mobile credential provider, Tapkey is significantly involved in the development. In the last few months we have consistently continued on this path and brought the specification to life in the Tapkey Trust Service. Tapkey can now be connected to partner systems as one of the first solutions via the OSS-MA standard.

“This makes it even more attractive for lock manufacturers, integrators and their end customers to use our secure and market-proven Tapkey technology. True to the motto: Openness increases the attractiveness ”, explains Markus Minichmayr, Co-CEO of Tapkey.

In addition to the OSS-compliant Web API, we recently went live with our OSS management portal. It offers integrators an easy way to map an OSS integration in the Tapkey system. 

OSS Management Portal

At this point, we would like to mention a few technical highlights of the Tapkey access solution, which are particularly relevant in the OSS context:

  • Intelligent revocation handling: Withdrawal of authorisations is one of the most difficult tasks, especially with offline systems. This is usually done by entering withdrawn credentials in so-called revocation lists and distributing them to the locking devices. The management is done by administration and is often laborious and error-prone.

    This is exactly where Tapkey’s proven revocation technology comes in. It offers a particularly secure, automated mechanism for withdrawing authorizations, which releases the administrator from the manual management of the revocation lists. This increases the security of the system,
  • Automatic time synchronisation: A correctly set time on the locking device is critical for its safe operation. Tapkey detects deviations and synchronizes the time if necessary – without user interaction. We see this functionality as a basic requirement for a simple and secure access control system.

  • Flexible schedules: The processing of complex locking plans is an integral part of our core features, such as recurring authorizations. Tapkey supports all main functions, such as the use of recurring schedules or the return of access events in the cloud.
  • Simple white label option: Tapkey provides system inegrators with a white label keyring app. Ideal for offering users a consistent brand experience and increasing customer loyalty to your own brand. Alternatively, Tapkey can also be integrated into your own customer apps or our Tapkey app can be used.

  • Single sign on: Tapkey’s patented technology makes it possible to use identity providers that exist independently of the actual locking system. That’s the reason why an integration with social logins such as Google, Apple, Facebook or the company domain can be implemented. 
Access Control

Tapkey Web API

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