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Organisations today face a myriad of security challenges at their facilities. Managing access of authorised personnel is a major concern. The primary challenge is to secure the facility from unwanted people while also allowing a free flow of people who have access permission. The integration of visitor management with access control becomes necessary. For a long time it was access control versus visitor management, but in fact they both go together. There is no visitor management without access control. Although they serve different security functions, these two complement each other when integrated.

Using these two systems in isolation doesn’t really make sense. Organisations are using access control technology or a visitor management solution, or even both in isolation, but few realise the benefits of operating the two in tandem. Combining the access control system with a smart visitor sign-in app is the way to go for secure and efficient procedures. Users have to manage fewer systems. They have everything in one place. The goal is to streamline the whole entry and access process by integrating these two systems—without compromising on security. These include, but are not limited to:

  • One central user database: Say goodbye to manually updating two platforms. An integration synchronises visitor details with the access control system integrated. Now you have both, access and visitor logs all in one easily accessible cloud environment.
  • Multi-site management: The visitor management dashboard helps users manage multiple sites and buildings providing consolidated reports and an admin overview. 
  • More efficient business structure: The organisation will operate more efficiently as processes are automated. 
  • Combat errors in reporting: If cards or fobs are forgotten or lost, staff can sign-in using the tablet or smartphone instead by entering their information. Huge benefit: Users’ll get a real-time list of visitors in the building. 

Tapkey has found a way to make integrations as simply as possible. Its open API and Mobile SDK enables you to offer keyless access as a valuable feature. The Web API can be used to add smart access to any third-party applications or to extract data from Tapkey for further processing or analysis. The Mobile SDK allows you to build native Android or iOS applications that incorporate Tapkey technology. There are different access scenarios but thanks to our hardware partner we’re having different form factors, which cover most of the areas of use. That means that your users can access doors, cars, furniture and much more directly from their mobile device–without leaving your visitor management app.

Access Control

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