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Tapkey was founded with a mission to create a better world, along with a vision to get there. That was way back in 2014; today we’re a leading platform provider in mobile access technology. So it’s no surprise that our values have also evolved over time.

In 2021, we sat down as a whole team in a creative setting to redefine our values. After all, our values inspire and represent both us as a company and each individual within it. They are at the core of our corporate culture and can be sensed in every onboarding process as well as in collaboration with partners and internal communication. They’re in our DNA, expressed in everything we do. It’s how we work. It’s how we live.

Here’s how it inspired our values:


Tapkey is a team of go-getters and doers. We love—we live—to solve new challenges. Whatever it takes, we’ll provide the strongest, simplest solutions for our customers and our partners.


The Tapkey platform is truly magical, in the way it connects our partners, our customers, and the world. Our company is magical, too: It’s the two-plus-two-equals-five combination of technical wizards, customer experience pros, marketing mavens, and more. We know that when we work together, we’re unstoppable.


We never act without thinking—hard. Whether it’s finding more efficient ways to master our daily tasks, or advancing the technology in our unique mobile-access solutions, we always seek out, and take, the smartest path forward. Never losing sight of what really matters—sustainable, reliable and proven access solutions.


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