Tapkey World 2019

Novotel Hauptbahnhof Vienna was this year’s location for the Tapkey World 2019. The 14th February 2019 was a day full of insights about the access economy, inspirational talks and networking with leaders from the coworking, proptech and delivery industry. Couldn’t make it? Here is a short summary.

Sharing Economy: More than Airbnb and Uber

The opening keynote by Paul Hubmer, Senior Director at NXP Semiconductors, opened up the minds of the attendees and made it clear: The sharing economy is not just a playground for millenials, who highly value sharing, the environment and sociality. It’s relevant for almost every industry, not just taxis and hospitality. That was the reason why all participants were asked to discuss “as-is vs. to-be” scenarios for their markets and obstacles of transitioning.

It is fact that the access economy is disruptive. New players are leveraging the new tech in a new game. So instead of just speaking about disruption and innovation, companies should just do it. That was also the central message of the panel discussion with representatives of the automotive, real estate and lock manufacturing industry. Paul Meier (WITTE Digital), Erik Mastenbroek (DOM Security), Joey Veurink (Skepp) and Carole Tokody (Cover-More Group) explained how digitization helped their businesses to adapt their traditional industry to the digital world. It received great support from the audience.

The guests also liked the Tapkey Experience Corner a lot. It was all about testing our smart locks, smart readers, furniture locks and directly get in touch with the smartphone-based access solution.

Networking at Its Finest

The afternoon was all about networking and participating in the breakout sessions which were divided into 3 groups:

  • Coworking & proptech
  • Unattended delivery
  • Tech session

Conclusion: A lot of input, even more outcome. Vesna Glatz (Microsoft) for example talked about the key scenarios for smart buildings and how smart buildings enable more productive people. Jean-Yves Huwart (Coworking Europe Conference) explained the key principles of coworking and why smart technology become an integral part of shared workspaces. 

In the workshop “unattended delivery” participants discussed how digital access services and new delivery devices such as cars, boxes, accessible doors and more can transform the service process and the resulting customer experience, creating new sources of growth and profit. The live tech session was also very popular among developers. It showed how easy it is to integrate Tapkey into other applications. True to the motto: Easy to install. Easy to manage. Easy to use.

All in one, it was a successful conference. Interesting topics and even more interesting people. And did we mention the delicious food? Convince yourself and scroll through our slideshow to get an impression of the day.

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