Whether an electronic locking cylinder, furniture lock or car sharing box: Tapkey covers a wide range of use cases in the field of access control with the help of its hardware partners and integrators. Together with our long-term partner and investor WITTE Automotive, an automotive supplier, we developed an ideal retrofit solution for car sharing providers and fleet managers years ago—known as the flinkey box. Since our technology can be seamlessly integrated into the carsharing box, the time-consuming process of handing over car keys is now a thing of the past!

It’s clear to everyone that products are constantly being developed and improved—not only to keep up with the times, but also to offer customers the best possible user experience. A few days ago, WITTE Digital presented the new version of the flinkey box at this year’s trade fair “Flotte! Der Branchentreff” held between 15-16th September.

One box—many features

The new box impresses not only with its compact dimensions (164 x 140 x 61mm) and low weight (0.7kg); its extended battery life is also a key benefit. The battery life lasts for one year, assuming daily use. This way, the flinkey box can be better placed inside the vehicle, such as in the glove compartment, and doesn’t have to be brought out several times a month for recharging. 

New version of flinkey box

Other features also make the new flinkey box a lot more user-friendly than the previous version:



Old Box

New flinkey Box

Comfort functions Closing of windows by long press X
Illuminated key compartment Makes it easier for users to insert the key X
Battery and status display Detailed box status via app & API X
Signal tones Informs the user, e.g. when the battery level is low X
Fuel card compartment Storage of the fuel card under the drawer X


Sharing cars has never been easier

Nothing has changed in how the carsharing box itself is operated.

  1. Place the flinkey box in the vehicle. It stores the car key while the mechanical control units press the button on command to lock and unlock the car.
  2. Download the flinkey app and create a user account to register the box. The app then serves as a digital key.
  3. Manage as many drivers and vehicles as you like with the flinkey portal and assign authorisations with just one click.

The flinkey box communicates with the app via Bluetooth. This allows you to unlock your vehicle without any problems even in places without an adequate mobile network, such as in underground car parks.

Older vehicles can also be connected

The carsharing box can be used and put into operation immediately without any conversion measures having to be carried out on the vehicle. This means that even older cars can be equipped with a modern smartphone-based access solution. In the long run, around 85 percent of all passenger cars will be compatible. By the way, if you want to learn more about the benefits of retrofit car access, read this article.

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