Tapkey was founded in 2014 with a mission to make a better world, and a vision of how to get there. Today, we’re a market leader in mobile access technology. Based in Vienna, Austria, we’re here to advance the world of access management. Our never-ending journey of growth and improvement leads to a world in which our groundbreaking technology opens the possibilities of smart access to everyone. 

Our mission is to help you open doors, locks, and possibilities by eliminating the barriers to physical access.

We’re a diverse and dynamic group. Yet, we share a passionate DNA that’s expressed in all we do. It’s how we work. It’s how we live. And it inspires our core values.

Unternehmenswerte von Tapkey

We make it happen

Tapkey is a team of go-getters and doers. We love—we live—to solve new challenges. Whatever it takes, we’ll provide the strongest, simplest solutions for our customers and our partners.

We’re better together

The Tapkey platform is truly magical, in the way it connects our partners, our customers, and the world. Our company is magical, too: It’s the two-plus-two-equals-five combination of technical wizards, customer experience pros, marketing mavens, and more. We know that when we work together, we’re unstoppable.

We work smarter

We never act without thinking—hard. Whether it’s finding more efficient ways to master our daily tasks, or advancing the technology in our unique mobile-access solutions, we always seek out, and take, the smartest path forward. Never losing sight of what really matters—sustainable, reliable and proven access solutions.

The Tapkey Team

Co-CEO & Co-Founder von Tapkey

Gregor Zehetner
Co-CEO | Co-Founder

Gregor knows how to turn visionary ideas into great products. He worked for companies such as Fabasoft, WDW eLab and Phactum Softwareentwicklung where he was responsible for the areas mobile solutions and innovation.

Co-CEO & CTO und Co-Founder Markus Minichmayr

Markus Minichmayr
Co-CEO & CTO | Co-Founder

Many of the revolutionary concepts and technology behind Tapkey can be traced to the inventive mind of Markus Minichmayr. He also holds multiple patents in the field. Before Tapkey he worked for the Austrian Institute of Technology and co-founded the software development company Phactum.

Senior Business Developer und Co-Founder Jochen Schurich

Jochen Schurich
Senior Business Developer | Co-Founder

Jochens strength lies in the development and implementation of technology solutions. Among his best-known projects are a telecom app for the German retailer Aldi (Aldi Talk), ecommerce platform Norman and several electronic locks. There he was responsible for creating promising concepts and prototypes.

Harald Hombolka

Harald Homolka
Head of DevOps

Software Developer Eduard Krak

Eduard Krak
Software Developer

Software Developer Stefan Krulj

Stefan Krulj
Software Developer

Portrait of Martin Soka

Martin SOKA
Software Developer

Marketing Manager Chiara Wehinger

Chiara Wehinger
Marketing Manager

Marketing Managerin Andrea Sandru

Andrea Sandru
Senior Marketing Manager

Office & HR-Managerin Martina Zopf

Martina Zopf
Backoffice & HR Manager

E-Commerce Managerin Annet Izhar

Annet Izhar
E-Commerce Manager

Portrait of Marlene Schuerz

E-Commerce & Backoffice Manager

Portrait of Roger Alvarez, Software Architect at Tapkey

Roger Alvarez
Head of Tapkey Applications

Portrait of Emil Leonardelli

Emil Leonardelli
Technical Customer Support

Portrait of Aron Toth

Aron Toth
Software Developer

Portrait of Martin Leeb

Martin Leeb
Software Developer

Chief Security Improvement Officer Thomas Bleier

Thomas Bleier
Chief Information Security Officer

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