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Whether it’s in the field of coworking, car sharing or unattended delivery: Different user groups need access to buildings, furniture or cars. They have different demands on key management. A digital access control system supports in different ways. It is often necessary to implement Tapkey technology into locks or in existing applications in order to cover the individual use cases as best as possible. 

Our access control system can be integrated into other software solutions using so-called API interfaces. This means that the access control system can be implemented in ERP* systems. But when and especially for whom does such an integration make sense? You can read the answer in this article. 

#1: Lock manufacturers who want to create a new product line

One thing is clear: Digitization stands for revolutionary changes in all areas of life. Sooner or later, traditional lock manufacturers will have to digitize their locks in order to remain competitive in the market. It takes several months to develop such a solution and costs a lot of money. We provide all tools for lock manufacturers to add cloud-based access control to their product portfolio with little effort. On the one hand, companies can adopt the Tapkey PCB reference design to develop their own locks or add smartphone-based access using the Lock SDK. The lock manufacturer does not have to take any risk  in-house development or a late entry into the market. This is exactly what DOM Security, one of the leading lock manufacturers in Europe, did. The company used our Lock SDK to develop their own smart lock and thus serve new customer segments. Learn more about the collaboration between DOM and Tapkey.

#2: Providers of telematics hardware who want to upgrade their devices with mobile access

Without a doubt, today’s big telematics device manufacturers and their solutions are helping car sharing, car rental and fleet management providers optimize their processes, monitor vehicle movements and collect driver data. The increasing use of cloud-based technology is a key factor for the growth of the industry. However, there is still room for improvement in terms of access control. With the simple documentation of our API and Mobile SDK, partners can integrate our smartphone-based access technology into existing telematics boxes and dongles. No new hardware has to be developed for this.

#3: Car sharing platforms who want to get rid of unnecessary key handovers

Increasing pollution and traffic congestion are the two main reasons why companies and individuals share vehicles more often. Handing over and collecting keys is a big issue. With our cloud-based access technology, you can create a unique car sharing experience—without the hassle of handing over the keys.

One of our reference customers in the automotive industry is WITTE Automotive. Admittedly, WITTE Automotive is an extraordinary example. On the one hand, the company integrated our Lock SDK into their car sharing box, on the other hand, the Tapkey API and Mobile SDK were also implemented in their fleet management app

A fleet manager grants access permissions for several company vehicles to one employee using the app. This employee in turn uses the fleet app to reserve, locate and open a car. On the one hand, the handling of digital access solutions is straightforward, on the other hand, digital access control systems saves a lot of time. Find out how the integration of our access software worked and what additional advantages result from it here.

#4: Coworking management tools that want to offer automated key management

The higher the number of coworkers and turnover, the more complex the access management challenge becomes. For this reason, the integration of mobile access is a great way to stand out from the competition in this market. Connecting with our Web API literally opens new doors. Smartphone-based access is a perfect extension of any management software in the field of coworking,. You can charge a fee for unlocking the access function—depending on the price model. Cobot, a coworking management software from Berlin has recognised this and has already implemented our technology.

This enables coworking operators to manage everything in one tool and to counteract the problem of key loss. A lost key means that the entire locking system has to be replaced—and we all know that this is very expensive.

#5: PropTech solutions that want to make a property manager’s life easier

From improving communication with tenants to allowing seamless access across buildings: PropTech apps and digital access are revolutionising the proptech industry. By integrating our technology into such apps, property managers can directly manage their access control and do not have to worry about unwanted key copies or key loss. No more double administration! Access permissions can be sent to the agent at the same time as rental contracts.

#6: Logistic companies who want to optimise their delivery process 

A change in the service sector is unstoppable. Customers expect seamless collaboration with their trusted service providers. Smart access is an important part of it. By integrating Tapkey’s technology, delivery services or homecare organisations in particular can simplify business processes and deliver packages without customers being on site. Tapkey has been integrated into the software of Zetes, an innovative supply chain company, and is compatible with the Zebra handheld. This enables delivery services to scan parcels and place them in the designated delivery boxes, even when customers are not at home. Watch the video here.

In order to guarantee customers maximum flexibility, the Tapkey platform is set up inmodules. You’re still not convinced? Here are five compelling reasons why you should integrate with Tapkey this year.

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