There is no better approach to solving challenges and offering solutions than the famous saying “two heads are better than one”. In today’s fast-paced environment, a “do-it-alone” approach is not the best strategy for growth. Companies that initially grew organically need to look for new ways to drive collaborative innovation that delivers on what their customers need today and in the future.

Collaborations and strategic partnerships are fundamental to improving business outcomes—also in the access control industry. This especially applies to traditional lock manufacturers and software providers that want to include mobile access control to their own solution. Instead of competing against each other, team up with another company that can help you achieve what you want. Tapkey’s appeal is: Collaborate to innovate!

Software meets Hardware

Collaboration is a greatly overlooked aspect of successful companies and it plays a vital role in any business. More and more companies are recognising the advantages of strong partnerships. Of course, every organisation has its strengths and weaknesses. That’s why companies should focus on what they are good at and bring in partners that do what they do best. 

A company that Tapkey is working with for many years is DOM Security, a hardware manufacturer. The newest integrator of the Tapkey platform is Locaboo, a modern software solution for the online booking of rooms and sports areas. They integrated the Tapkey technology into their Locaboo system, which enabled them to offer room booking with automated key management. Hence, the integration is a great addition to their app marketplace and helps them set themselves above other market players. On the other side, DOM also benefits from such an integration and can increase sales by selling their locks to companies that want to use Locaboo as well. Building such a solution on their own would cost them not only a lot of money, but also a lot of time. So why not lean on an expert in this field?

The Power of Partnerships 

Organisations that collaborate well are likely to be more financially successful and have higher engagement rates. But much more: Partnerships can create a strong advantage over competitors. Here are some further reasons why companies should work together: 

Solving problems

What do you do when you’re stumped? You ask for help or find another perspective. In short, you collaborate with your team to solve the problem at hand. When a group of people pool their knowledge, skills and expertise, then talk problems out and debate potential solutions, projects that were stalled will begin to move forward once again. The same applies for companies. 

Learning from each other

One of the best things about working collaboratively with companies who bring different skill sets and backgrounds to the table is learning from their experience. For example, Tapkey is no specialist in the field of resource management. Nevertheless, we are part of Locaboo’s success story and they can benefit from the Tapkey ecosystem as well. This way, it’s possible to deliver a complete solution to end customers in a specific field, like scheduling management with access control included.  

Opening up new opportunities

When two or more companies work together, businesses can broaden their relevance and increase their addressable market. The synergies of a functioning ecosystem open up new opportunities. That means that working with companies opens up channels or target groups that would otherwise remain closed. Finding new ways to boost sales is important for the success of any business, which is why collaboration should be utilised whenever possible.

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