As in most emerging sectors, the telematics ecosystem has seen profound growth in recent times. According to a report by Allied Market Research, the global automotive telematics market size was valued at over $ 50 billion in 2018 and is estimated to reach over 320 billion by 2026.¹

This growth is driven by several factors such as the integration of real-time fleet monitoring systems in vehicles. Another factor is the increasing use of cloud-based technology such as mobile access that can easily be integrated into on-board control units (OBUs) or telematics boxes using the Tapkey technology. However, let’s have a closer look at companies that provide innovative telematics devices. (in alphabetical order)

1. Aplicom

Started in the early 1990s, Aplicom is now one of the leading developer and manufacturer of telematics products. They offer a wide range of vehicle telematic units (A11, A11W, A9 TRIX, A9 IPEX, A9 QUICK) that allow partners to build sophisticated end-customers services. The products come with a compatible software and service tools.

2. Arusnavi 

Formerly known as Kuzbass Navigation Systems LLC, Arusnavi is the second company we want to introduce. The company is engaged in tech installation and maintenance of equipment for monitoring vehicle and satellite tracking systems for cars, bicycles or motorcycles. Besides GPS trackers, they also produce fuel level sensors and CAN bus readers. Big plus: Arnavi navigation terminals have an open protocol and they are suitable for any software.

3. Baltic Car Equipment

Baltic Car Equipment is another telematics solution manufacturer and service provider, based in Kaunas, Lithuania. The company boosts several business dimensions at once: transport management system production, vehicle accessories distribution and various telemetrics projects implementation. Today they have clients in more than 70 different countries worldwide.

4. CalAmp

CalAmp is a California-based provider of IoT software applications and networked telematics products and services. The company combines connected telematics products and cloud technology with software as a service (SaaS) applications to collect and assess data from mobile assets, cargo and companies. Today there are more than 10 million devices actively managed on their platform.

5. Galileosky

Galileosky is a leading developer and manufacturer of satellite monitoring equipment. Their best-selling product, Galileosky 7.0 Lite is a lightweight GPS device with built-in antennas and additional fasteners for easy installation. Additionally they offer an exclusive technology for custom programming of all tracking devices, the Easy Logic. It provides the opportunity to set the necessary reactions to any events.

6. Geotab

When talking about telematics, Geotab shouldn’t be missing! The company provides an open fleet tracking platform for businesses of all sizes. Besides their small form-factor vehicle tracking device GO9—easily plugged into the vehicle’s OBD II port or via adapter—they have their own web-based fleet management software, called myGeotab.

7. Mielta Technology

Another Russian company made it into the listing—Mielta Technology. They are working in the field of development and production for satellite monitoring, fuel control and software. Their product range from tracking devices, fuel sensors to temperature sensors.

8. Navtelecom

Navtelecom is a Russian manufacturer and developer of GLONASS/GPS hardware for vehicle and asset tracking. Their main goal is to offer equipment that allows to improve the quality of transport services and reduce fleet maintenance cost. The most frequently installed tracker is SMART S-24xx, but they offer a whole series that differ in capacity, functionality and price.

9. Ruptela

Hardware, firmware and software development to improve fleet performance—that’s basically what Ruptela does. Ruptela is a telematics company providing solutions for fleet management and GPS tracking. One of their biggest customers is Sixt. Over 10.000 Sixt cars in Germany are running with Ruptela GPS trackers since March 2019. Sixt chose Ruptela’s FM-Tco4 GPS tracker with plug & play installation solution to monitor fuel level, mileage and get start and end coordinates of the trip. Overall, Ruptela offers seven different GPS tracking devices and a lot of additional accessories for vehicles. 

10. Shenzhen Concox

Established in 2003, Concox has specialised in the development and manufacturing of GPS vehicle trackers, smart home products and other wireless communication services. The Concox GT06E is one of the many smart and multifunctional trackers with 3G network. Features such as multiple alarms, SOS emergency call and voice monitoring makes it perfect for logistics and fleet management.

11. Suntech 

Suntech International is a major Korean satellite monitoring equipment manufacturer. Fun fact: Originally the company was engaged in cell phone components distribution, but since 2004 refocused its activities to become GPS equipment developer and manufacturer. From vehicle trackers, OBD trackers to asset trackers and RF trackers: There are solutions for fleet management, vehicle security, driver behavior and more.

12. Teltonika

21 years of IoT experience, selling products in over 150 different countries and more than 900 employees: That are some facts about our next telematic company in our article, Teltonika. The company is a leading fleet management solutions manufacturer in Europe. offers a wide range of vehicle tracking products.

Without a doubt nowadays telematics solutions help car sharing, car rental and fleet management providers to optimise processes, monitor vehicle movements and collect drivers’ data. There is no one-fits-all solution for all use cases. The right telematics solution depends on your individual requirements regarding hardware, software and integration capabilities. Well, whatever you decide, there’s a big gap when it comes to mobile access control. But let’s stay excited about what the future brings.

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