The step in the field of digitisation decides whether a company will assert themselves in a competitive market. It will be difficult to achieve future business success with good products alone. Companies must offer complementary services to their products that add value to their end customers. There are many examples of such services. In this article, we explain to what extent mobile access control can be the icing on the cake for many solution providers.  

Complementary services add value to products 

Ever more decentralized structures, real-time market speed and technological quantum leaps every minute: the challenges of digitization are immense and the requirements for IT architecture are more complex than ever. Not only are the products themselves digitized. In addition, there are opportunities to increase customer benefits with supplementary services. Digital door access, for example, plays an important role in a large number of core processes. With a strong partner and a cloud-based, scalable technology, all challenges can be mastered. Find out here to what extent automations and integrations of Access as a Feature lead to a competitive advantage.

Mobile access control as an add-on 

Every service provider wants to bundle as much as possible in its own solution. Since nobody can map everything, in the future companies will probably work with platforms that communicate with one another or can be integrated. That means: If you want to remain competitive and don’t want to develop everything yourself, you have to rely on strong cooperation and strategic partnerships. Tapkey is well positioned for this and accordingly has a long history behind it – from a prototype to a mobile app for access control to a platform with first-class integration functions: Tapkey offers a secure ecosystem that offers different vertical solutions cloud-based access control. In this way, we enable companies from various industries to find a new, fast way to drive innovation. The following partners successfully show how it works.

“With Tapkey we have been able to offer our customers a consistent brand image and a coherent user experience”, explains Paul Meier, former Director at WITTE Digital—a leading automotive manufacturer. 

The added value of our software is greatly increased as we significantly raise the level of automation and digitisation.”, says Mario Köglsperger, Digital Sales Director at Locaboo, a room booking platform. 

“The seamless integration of Tapkey’s technology allowed us to quickly implement a reliable solution for the Japanese car sharing market with significantly reduced technical risk,” explains Masahiko Oya, project manager at Tokai Rika.

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