Selfstorage secured with Mobile Access

When modern-day tenants think of self storage, the baseline of their expectation includes cleanliness and security. If you own a facility, security should be one of your top priorities. Many digitised processes can help to guarantee the security of your self storage. Here is a checklist on the most important security features a self storage facility must have. 

Security vs. Accessibility: A Delicate Balance

When it comes to securing a self storage facility, the ideal system should prevent unauthorised individuals from accessing the storage units and prevent unauthorised users from accessing restricted areas. Installing the right system enables you to control who can access your facility as well as track who is going through your facility. Be aware that you need to balance the amount of security with the need for accessibility. The higher the number of security layers, the harder it gets for tenants to have easy access to their belongings. Nevertheless, ensuring you have a safe and secure storage will not only help to attract new tenants but will also keep your current tenants happy.

Video Surveillance & Alarm System

Security cameras are a must for any self storage facility. Providing video surveillance makes it possible to monitor your self storage 24 hours a day. One camera at the entrance gate and others in the building or unit doors: A digital surveillance system records the activities round the clock. A commercial alarm system will reduce the risk of theft and immediately alert you in the event of a break-in. It keeps you in the loop on everything that’s happening in your storage. Security cameras provide the necessary footage in the event of a break-in and you’ll additionally will have information on who was on the property at the time.

Mobile Access Control 

Access control systems can allow you to restrict access to storage units and only allow authorised persons to gain access. Furthermore, it allows you to review who has entered and exited the property if necessary. Whether a padlockescutcheon or furniture lock, electronic cylinder locks are the best way to increase the value of each unit at your store. These locks can be installed on interior or exterior entrances and gates. 

We believe that mobile access control for self storage is the way to go!  ExtraPlatz is one of the first fully automated self storages that integrated Tapkey’s access technology. In case you’re also interested in integrating the access feature into your system, contact us. Your tenants will love the ease and convenience of sharing access to their space without handing over a physical key or providing a pin code.

Accessibility and convenience are a great way to enhance your customer experience, but security rules the roost. After all, security is often the first thing renters look for in a self storage facility.

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