Digitisation is changing not just our daily life but entire industries. Hence it needs smart solutions to further improve processes in order to stay competitive. This also affects traditional industries like lock manufacturers.

But much more: Owners of coworking spaces or gyms, delivery services and real estate managers are also looking for innovative solutions to standardize their business. They don’t want to depend on physical presence anymore. This is where smartphone-based access can help. Tapkey pursues a holistic approach and offers the implementation of the technology into locking products and services. In addition the access software can also be integrated into existing management applications, like coworking software. Because one thing is clear: Stand-alone solutions are no longer sustainable. Which integration is the right one for your business? Find out now!

Become Part of the Tapkey Ecosystem

More than just an app: Tapkey was build as an open, smartphone- and cloud-based access platform. It represents a whole ecosystem of access solutions for manufacturers, service providers and partners. This allows multiple fields to be brought together via network effects. Just like a puzzle, locking products and software solutions can be connected with Tapkey and become compatible with each other. Especially in dynamic industries, the demand goes far beyond traditional locking solutions. Platform partners can thus benefit from new distribution channels and potential cooperations.

Graphic of integration possibilities with Tapkey

Access Management by Software Integration

To ensure maximum flexibility for customers, the Tapkey platform is set up in modules. The interfaces and SDKs enable seamless and easy integration of smartphone-based access into products and services. The Tapkey technology can be implemented in classic locking products or in apps, such as membership administration apps for gyms and clubs. But also service delivery, homecare or maintenance services can benefit from a Tapkey integration.

Tapkey Integration into Existing Apps and Software

Software providers can gain a competitive advantage by expanding their own solution with smart access management. Whether management app or mobile app: Thanks to Tapkey, both can be equipped with mobile access. We differentiate between lightweight and full integration. The integration of our management API creates new opportunities and literally opens new doors. With the Mobile SDK our technology can be even more deeply integrated into applications. To match this, users can use our Plug & Play locking products such as smart locks, wall readers, furniture locks or car sharing boxes.

Graphic for Lightweight IntegrationGraphic for Full Integration

Conrad Connect and WITTE Digital are already benefiting from an integration. The Tapkey access software has been fully integrated into WITTE’s fleet management app. By adding access to the app, employees can reserve, lock and unlock company cars with the same app.

Another possible idea is the integration into booking platforms. For example: An athlete books a squash court via the app of the sports provider and receives mobile access to the reserved court. Or a connected management app, that automatically issues access permissions to new members (i.e. coworking spaces).

Implement Smartphone Access into Locking Products

Lock manufacturers have to digitize their locking products sooner or later in order to stay a competitive player in the market. Tapkey has the ideal solution for them. As a first step, companies can leverage the Tapkey PCB reference design to quickly create new locking products. Using the Tapkey Lock SDK can easily add mobile access.  A great way how lock manufacturers can expand their product portfolio with smartphone-enabled locks with little effort.

Customers can then use these locks with the Tapkey app. Alternatively, we also offer white label solutions. Thus, the focus remains on the core business and lock manufacturers do not have to bear any risk in their own development or a delayed market entry.

DOM Security, one of the leading manufacturers of digital locking products in Europe, shows how it works. Learn more about the cooperation between DOM and Tapkey here.

Tapkey Technology for Services

Especially delivery services, homecare organizations and installation companies can simplify their business processes through a Tapkey integration. The main purpose: Providing on-site-services—without customers being present.

Tapkey has already been integrated into the shipping software of Zetes, an innovative supply chain company, and is compatible with the Zebra handheld. This allows delivery men to scan packages and place them in designated delivery boxes, even if customers are not at home. Parcel can be delivered at any time!

But much more: Imagine homecare organisations getting automatically granted access to their patients’ home. Or installation companies getting access permissions for a specified period of time, without customers being at home. Tapkey makes it possible!

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