DOM is one of the largest lock manufacturers in Europe. The company decided to develop and launch a complementary product line for smartphone-based access products called “DOM Tapkey”. The goal is to serve new and innovative customer segments.

Everything started with a first meeting at the local airport of Innsbruck. Today, DOM and Tapkey are strong partners in the field of innovative access products. Proven security and high quality played an important role in the decision-making process. What does a collaboration with Tapkey look like? We interviewed Erik Mastenbroek, Group Marketing Director at DOM Security. Check it out!

What it is like to work with Tapkey?

In short: It’s going well. It’s productive and inspiring. DOM working together with a young company like Tapkey, who is very open-minded, focused on up-to-date solutions—this inspires us to get to the next level. And most importantly, we have already created a great solution together that meets the customer’s demand. But we have bigger plans for the future.

What was the main reason for the integration?

Due to the integration of the Tapkey Lock SDK, our customers can now manage their locking products directly with the Tapkey App. One central app, easy installation of digital locks and directly in control. Together with Tapkey we have proven to develop what people want and what people need. A secure and ease of use app that “by the way” is very cool to have. The main reason to cooperate with Tapkey: It’s one application for smart access–no matter if you want to open a garage, door or car.

What do customers think about the product line “DOM Tapkey”?

The reactions are thoroughly positive. People can easily  organise access rights by sending smartphones key to their spouses and children. With just one click DOM Tapkey cylinders are activate. Secure and fast—this combination is very appreciated. End users are now also capable to use it with iPhone and Apple technology. Another milestone for DOM and Tapkey. We can reach a new market and a bigger audience.

What’s the difference between Tapkey and the competition?

Tapkey is the heart of smart access management. It is the center of hardware, no matter if it is a DOM cylinder or another locking product for opening a car or garage door.  But furthermore: The idea that Tapkey can be integrated into 3rd party organizations, like delivery companies is sustainable. That makes Tapkey an unique access solution in Europe.

DOM is an example of how the Tapkey Lock SDK can add mobile access to product portfolios. It enables you to easily integrate mobile access into locking products while creating future-oriented sales channels. End users just need one thing:  the Tapkey App. For detailed information, click here.

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