55% of online adult shoppers in the US are likely to abandon their online purchase if they cannot find a quick answer to their question, according to Forrester. LooWomaking at these numbers, it’s important to always update website information and give more insights for potential customers. Besides our help center where we answer almost everything about the Tapkey app, we provide interesting insights on our website and blog. This article for example will give you a better understanding of who stands behind Tapkey and how it works, including  further links to other interesting posts. Let’s talk about Tapkey!

How it all started

Gregor Zehetner, Markus Minichmayr, Jochen Schurich and Gilbert Hödl founded the company in 2014. Actually, it all happened out of a personal need. A couple of years ago, they had a practical problem of managing office access ​for steadily changing project teams of up to 40 people. Key handover and repeated loss of keys was a real hassle, and we wanted to get rid of these problems. That was the starting point for building a game-changing mobile app for access management. And now, more than 6 years later, Tapkey transformed into a platform offering “best in class” integration capabilities.

From prototype to platform

The main idea behind the Tapkey platform is offering a secure ecosystem that provides innovative cloud-based mobile access to various market verticals. Whether in the residential, coworkingautomotive, retail, or any other business industry, our proven technology brings seamless access control solutions. More and more lock manufacturers and system integrators are recognising the potential of mobile access. We’re providing different manufacturing partners with fast and easy integration, accelerating their time-to-market. DOM, one of the largest lock manufacturers, has been working together with Tapkey since 2016 and addresses new target groups and increases sales. Another important partner is WITTE Digital, the digital division of WITTE Automotive. They developed a smart car sharing box based on Tapkey’s technology stack and were so convinced of the solution that they decided to go a step further and invest in Tapkey in 2017.

What’s it all about

Technical solutions are only helpful if they can be efficiently integrated into an existing system. Our main products and services are our open interfaces for integrators. By integrating Web API, Mobile SDK and Lock SDK, we can offer keyless access as a valuable feature to different vertical solutions. We offer two different integration options:

  • The Tapkey Web API is being integrated in another software. This empowers customers to issue digital keys directly via your services—while using the existing Tapkey app to register, update and open smart locks.
  • Tapkey Mobile SDK: Another option is to integrate Web API and Mobile SDK into a third-party app—meaning that customers can manage and operate all digital locks directly through the existing mobile app

To simplify the decision process of integrators, we created this checklist and a detailed documentation at Tapkey for Developers. It will show integrators what they can expect from Tapkey. Depending on which integration is relevant, customers can manage locks, digital keys and NFC transponders either with the Tapkey app or the external app. It offers powerful features. Here is more information about the app and all the features in our help center.

We know that our access technology needs hardware to offer instant access to doors, lockers, and cars. That’s why we’re providing different manufacturing partners with fast and easy integration, accelerating the time-to-market. At the very beginning, Tapkey developed its own product, the wall reader. As the company evolves, we wanted to concentrate on what we’re really good at: software development. That’s why Tapkey rather works together with established lock manufacturers, like DOM Security or Uhlmann & Zacher. Hence, there are a lot of products based on the Tapkey technology and the product spectrum is growing. Hence you can find the perfect solution for your area of use.

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