Why Mobile Access?

Digitalisation affects us in all areas of life and work, and the traditional access control industry is no exception. 2022 is the year to integrate mobile access and ensure your business model is future-proof!

This applies both to lock manufacturers and other business areas. Operators of coworking spaces or fitness studios, delivery services and real estate managers also require innovative solutions to standardise their businesses and not be as dependent on physical presence. The only remedy here? Smartphone-based access.

Tapkey adopts a holistic approach and offers implementation of the technology in locking products and services, but also integration of the access software in existing management applications, such as coworking software. One thing is crystal clear: standalone solutions are no longer sustainable. That’s why we believe that the partnership route is the best one for most companies. Here are five reasons why:


Using Tapkey’s proven software, you can create a unique access control solution for your customers and get to market as quickly as possible. Whether it’s car sharingunattended delivery or coworking, we offer vertical solution providers the ability to seamlessly integrate our technology into their own apps via API and mobile SDK. We also offer lock manufacturers the opportunity to bring their own white label keyring app to the market within the shortest possible time.


Besides time, developing software often costs much more money than expected. We already have proven mobile access technology that meets market requirements and ensures costs are kept significantly lower. In addition to minimised costs for research and development, you’ll be far less stressed 😉.

Development risk

Creating your own software isn’t a walk in the park, especially if your main focus is something different. Several potential risks can definitely arise when developing software. Apart from the resources required, the team also needs to have sufficient specialist expertise. Our solution is already used by other companies and is constantly being developed. The “Tapkey for Developers” portal offers comprehensive documentation and lots of implementation examples to ensure you get off to a quick start with significantly less risk.


For us at Tapkey, security is a top priority. We strive to make our products as convenient and comfortable as possible while ensuring the high level of security that our customers expect. With our security by design approach, we’ve been satisfying external experts for years, as was recently the case with SySS GmbH in a pentest. Numerous internationally renowned partners, such as DOM Security and WITTE Automotive, rely on Tapkey.


Software needs to be continuously improved and updated. Preventive maintenance consumes valuable time and requires a lot of effort. Leave the work to our development team while you concentrate on your core business. 

Tapkey was designed as an open mobile access platform and forms the basis of an entire ecosystem of access solutions for manufacturers, service providers and partners. This way, several fields can be brought together via network effects. Like a puzzle, locking products and software solutions can be connected to Tapkey and thereby become compatible with each other.


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