About the Tapkey Connect Platform

Our Access as a Service platform is designed to meet your current and future business needs. With its Web API, Mobile SDK, and Lock SDK, app developers and hardware manufacturers can effortlessly integrate mobile access into their products.  Additionally, white label access solutions are an option. The Tapkey ecosystem includes a wide range of compatible access hardware such as digital cylinders, wall readers, car-sharing boxes, and more, making it a comprehensive solution for your access control needs.

Main Features & Benefits


Which integration is best for my business?

There are several ways you can benefit from Tapkey technology, depending on your needs:

1.Want to incorporate Tapkey technology into your own app/software? Our Mobile SDK is the solution for you.
2. If you’d rather offer your clients the Tapkey app to manage access, explore our Web API.
3. As a lock manufacturer who is looking to seamlessly integrate Tapkey technology into your hardware, don’t miss out on our Lock SDK.

Tapkey System

Web API & Mobile SDK ➔

Lock SDK & PCB Reference Design ➔

White Label Solutions ➔

OSS Integration with Tapkey

Tapkey is honored to be part of the Open Security Standards Association, contributing to the advancement of worldwide mobile access standards. Together, we are committed to establishing an innovative benchmark in the realm of mobile access technology.

Member of OSS

Compatible Locks Within the Tapkey Ecosystem

Together with our partners we are offering Tapkey-enabled access hardware. Discover smart locks, wall readers, NFC tags and more in our online shop.

Tapkey Smart Lock

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Door Escutcheon

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DOM Tapkey Access Reader

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Industries That Benefit From Mobile Access

Regardless of your industry, integrating mobile access can bring significant benefits. From enhancing customer experience to streamlining operations, Tapkey’s access solution leverages digitization and automation to provide a competitive edge.

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Looking to integrate Tapkey technology?

Whether you’re a hardware manufacturer or software provider, let us find the best smart-access options for you.

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The Tapkey Connect Blog

Discover tips, use cases, and the latest news in the Taccess control industry.

Ohne offene Schnittstellen geht’s nicht

Tapkey stellt seine öffentlich zugängliche API zur Verfügung, um Partnern Zugang zur [...]

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Wann ist eine Tapkey-Integration sinnvoll?

Wann eine Tapkey Integration sinnvoll ist? Finde es hier heraus!

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Mobilen Zutritt integrieren: So einfach geht’s!

Die Tapkey-Technologie kann in klassische Schließprodukte und bestehende Apps integriert werden. Aber [...]

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Tapkey Schließprodukte

Hardware für Integratoren

Profitiere von unserem Ökosystem an kompatibler Access Hardware wie Zylinder, Wandleser, Vorhängeschlösser, Möbelschlösser und Carsharing-Boxen.

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Mobile Standards
Member of OSS

OSS Integration

Wir entwickeln globale Mobile Access Standards.

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