At work and in everyday life, we got used to it a long time ago: Smart apps and tools support us in managing daily tasks. Also in the leisure and fitness area, these digital applications have made their entrance. For that reason, it is time for gym operators to adjust to the changes in training planning and practice. We have a list of software that makes work easier for fitness operators.


Lanista describes itself as training software for studio operators, coaches and athletes and offers digital training plans among other services.. Members receive a reminder email before the end of their training schedule. In the control center, all information comes together and you get an overview of all members without current training plan. You can then use a report to instruct co-workers or trainers to contact the “unattended members”. Practical, right?


Dynostics is a smart system for performance and metabolic analysis. Whether losing weight, building muscle or body shaping: It enables a holistic body management. The integrated Dynostics app provides individual nutritional recommendations right after the analysis. The advantage for you as operator: You achieve precise results for your customers at the professional level and thus have an additional source of income.


For years, operators of gyms and health facilities have been recording the rising numbers of late payments and claims. Debifit, the receivables management for the fitness industry, should help this problem. It can accept and operate all common data formats. In addition, there are technical interfaces to many leading software service providers, which enable a transfer at the touch of a button or at agreed times

Club Assistant

For both individual studios and multi-clubs the Membership Software Club Assistant can be used. It consists of many individual modules. As a fitness operator you can choose the topics that you need. For example, the software includes membership management or receivables management, where you keep track of incoming and unpaid payments.


The Fitness Studio Management software meets all fitness management needs – from member billing and course planning to instructor rosters. Booking confirmations and customer reminders are sent automatically. So you can save yourself as an operator a little time. You can also track your sales,revenues- and subscriber rates through reports.

Digitisation is a major trend in the fitness segment. Especially  the subject of access control plays an important role. You should not miss it. Therefore Tapkey offers you different integration solutions. If you are interested, please contact us via our contact form.

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