As a company in the digital world, it’s hard to do everything. Website, social media, upholding a certain reputation—and also developing an app? It’s a lot. Yet this is precisely why white label solutions exist. Allowing a company to focus on what it does best while also being able to offer certain services that it wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

What exactly is a white label app? 

White label means a product or service that is offered under the name of a brand other than the manufacturer. With white label apps, developers offer the base app which companies can buy or rent. The definition of white labels implies that it is an unprocessed product, which is then customised with the company’s logo, label and brand identity.

What are the benefits of using a white label solution over developing itself?

Software development is far more than coding, and incurs many risks. It involves analysis, design, development, and testing phases—all of which are resource-intensive and costly. White label software is usually sold as a software as a service model, making it very attractive to businesses who cannot fork up the entire cost of app development upfront. Not to mention the upfront investment for software licences, data centre space and servers, all of which the white label company provides.

As already mentioned, risk also plays a crucial role when choosing to develop in-house or using a white label software. Enthusiasm is a good thing, but experience is typically more important in software development, and building software from the ground up generally comes with many pitfalls. White label software is made by experts in their field, allowing companies to focus on their core business while also being part of the digital world with minimal effort.

Time is also a big factor. While the development process for an app isn’t done in a day, customizing a white label app doesn’t take much time at all. This way, businesses can get started right away.

What does Tapkey’s white label app do?

There are white label apps for a broad spectrum of use cases. Tapkey’s white label solution lets you create your own mobile credential app, hassle-free. There are two white label solution options: a fully branded access solution and a white label keyring app. While the branded access solution includes all relevant features such as registering and managing locks, digital keys and NFC transponders, this option is designed with lock manufacturers in mind, so they are able to offer their own mobile access. Meanwhile, the white label keyring app contains all relevant features in order to unlock doors, cars, boxes and much more. It’s the perfect solution for any company that is expanding its business to also offer mobile access. Tapkey’s white label solution is a fast and seamless way to ensure customers associate your brand with an innovative mobile access solution.

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