Gotschlich x Tapkey – the Success Story

Tapkey is now working with Gotschlich, an Austrian manufacturer of turnstiles and access gates. All existing Gotschlich turnstiles, security gates and swing doors can be made Tapkey compatible in just a few steps. The cooperation enables turnstiles and security gates to be opened easily with a smartphone or NFC transponders. We talked to Michael Wotke, Key Account Manager at Gotschlich, about the collaboration. Have a look at the interview.

1. What was the main reason for Gotschlich to choose Tapkey? 

With the development of its access system, Tapkey meets a growing market demand: enabling controlled access via smartphone. Since we received more and more inquiries about such systems, we were looking for a competent partner and found what we were looking for with Tapkey!

2. What added value do mobile-enabled turnstiles have?

Our products such as turnstiles, motorised swing doors and sensor barriers, can be controlled by most conventional access control readers. However, enabling access via smartphone makes our products a lot more user-friendly. In the future, guests, members or employees will no longer have to deal with different types of tickets, barcode readers or biometric systems. Instead, they are using their own smartphone quickly and easily.

3. For which areas of application are the Tapkey-compatible turnstiles interesting? 

All installations that have to ensure temporary access are predestined for our access systems in combination with Tapkey. Sensor barriers in the foyer of a shared workspace, turnstiles that secure a self-storage building or turnstiles at the entrance to fitness clubs are just a few examples of ideal areas of application.

4. What are the advantages of working with Tapkey? 

Short and crisp: Being able to cover another business area! As a mechanical engineering company, which we are, such collaborations are absolutely necessary in order to open up new markets and meet future, contemporary requirements.

5. How do you see the potential of smartphone-based access in the area of ​​gyms, events and offices? 

The smartphone is our constant companion, regardless of whether we are on our way to work, sports activities or events. This solution is absolutely advantageous and future-oriented in all places where certain people are granted access for a limited period of time.

Turnstile by Gotschlich

The Tapkey platform is completely manufacturer-independent and integrators have a choice of compatible hardware. Now this ecosystem is enriched by another form factor.

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