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Tapkey is an open platform for mobile access control. This is how we define ourselves. Our secure ecosystem provides innovative cloud-based mobile access to various market verticals. App providers and lock manufacturers alike are able to be part of our innovative platform. Does this appeal to you? Here are all important things you need to know about the Tapkey platform.

1. Manufacturer-independent

We know that our access technology needs hardware to offer instant access to doors, lockers and cars. That’s why we’re providing different manufacturing partners with fast and easy integration, accelerating the time-to-market. By integrating our Lock SDK you can upgrade your locking device and create a new product line supporting mobile access. So did DOM Security two years ago. Since 2017, our partner has been successfully serving new and innovative customer segments with their new product line: DOM Tapkey.

“One central app, easy installation of digital locks and you’re directly in control. Together with Tapkey we have proven to develop what people want and need.” says Erik Mastenbroek, Group Marketing Director at DOM Security.

But smart access isn’t just for doors. WTTE Automotive has also seen the potential and integrated our access technology in their car sharing box. That basically means that our technology is hardware-independent and can be integrated in any other electronic cylinder. Your customers will benefit from a wide range of Tapkey-compatible locks, ranging from digital cylinders to wall readers, furniture locks and car sharing boxes.

2. Powerful interfaces for integrators

Tapkey is a cloud-based access control system that’s optimised for real-world usability. It can be implemented into your product and tailored to your specific needs. On the one hand, you as a hardware partner can choose our hardware reference design to gain a step-by-step understanding of how building an own access hardware is like. On the other hand, you can integrate with our Lock SDK and upgrade your lock with mobile access—fast and cost-effective. There is no need to develop an own app.

We also offer manufacturers of vertical solutions (such as Skepp for office building, or Flinkey as a car sharing solution) the possibility to seamlessly integrate our technology into their own apps via API and Mobile SDK. That means that your users can access doors, cars, furniture and much more, directly from their smartphone—without leaving your app. Check out our detailed documentation here.

Graphic of the Tapkey platform

3. For various market verticals

As the world becomes increasingly connected, digitalisation is a key differentiator that will enable companies to remain competitive. Hence, there is a need for secure connection between smart locks in the world of IoT. Our access technology is suitable for any industry and any vertical. Whether you’re an app provider in the residential, car sharing or logistics industry or a lock manufacturer, being part of the Tapkey platform is your fast track to breakthrough innovation. We offer many convenient features and high security. You can directly let your customers use the Tapke app to manage their locks. Another option is to integrate our access technology and empower your customers to issue digital keys directly via your services. That’s exactly what WITTE Digital did with the Flinkey app and they’re pretty happy with it.

“With Tapkey we’ve been able to offer our customers a consistent brand image and a coherent user experience.”, emphasises Paul Meier, Director of WITTE Digital.

4. Network effect

We believe that bundling competences is essential for success. The platform allows integrators to focus on their strengths, but leads them into the digital era. Our open API allows you to join a thriving ecosystem of connected devices. You can, for example, combine Tapkey with other smart home devices via Conrad Connect. Our access technology opens doors to new and enriching possibilities. One trend that we’re already seeing is that service providers are realizing, that ad hoc access allows them to establish new business models. This is particularly interesting for delivery services, for example, who want to drop off their packages in buildings, boxes or in the car trunk without customers being on-site.

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