Solitru x Tapkey – the Success Story

Over the past years, Tapkey turned from a promising start-up in the field of mobile access to an established go-to innovation partner for leading companies on the continent. And that’s exactly what Solitru did. The tech company that is specialised in biometrics and digitisation of properties’ passage systems approached us regarding an integration. We’ve talked with Marie Sievert, CEO of Solitru, about the company’s vision. Check out, how Tapkey helped them get one step closer to it. 

Secure Way of Physical Access 

Solitru was founded as a result of identifying the need for a current and a future safeguarding way for commercial real estate companies to digitise their properties in regards to a digital access management system. Solitru´s vision is creating a secure and effective way of identifying and linking each person to the correct access point and for the customer being able to obtain data from each access point.

“In founding Solitru we were faced with the question of finding some trustworthy and solid strategic partners, both for hardware and software. Tapkey offers a great platform for Solitru to develop our own app and access management platform. “, says Marie Sievert, CEO of Solitru.

Integration for Innovation

The decision that led to choosing Tapkey was no witchcraft. Solitru evaluated the Web API and Mobile SDK of the Tapkey technology and especially liked the offline scenarios. 

“The Tapkey technical documentation was clear and straightforward with good descriptions but also contained useful code snippets and examples to quickly get started. Tapkey was very open, accessible and collaborative during the process of evaluation.”, empathizes Marie Sievert. 

When speaking about evaluation, the time frame for a certain project also plays an important role. 

“Writing up PoC examples of how to integrate with the locks and the Tapkey backend literally took hours, not days!”, confesses Marie Sievert.

Furthermore she elaborates,  “Adding the Solitru layer and custom logic obviously added the entire length of the initial project, but for the “pure” Tapkey integration, we spent approximately four weeks to get everything in place.”

Multiple Ways of Identification

Solitru does offer multiple ways of identification, such as fingerprint, pin code and even tags. As the development progresses in the digital arena, the company is certain of facial recognition being the future for an access management system. 

“Our way of identification is via facial recognition. We strongly feel that in the near future fingerprints will be obsolete. If we look to the mobile phone sector, this trend is emerging.”, explains Marie Sievert, CEO of Solitru.

The way of identification is via facial recognition through Solitru’s smart keys using the technology integrated in the personal mobile devices (IOS and Android). Smart keys and access points are managed via Solitru’s access management system. It is a cloud based solution which enables them to integrate end customers already existing cloud based platforms such as events, booking and various proptech close platforms – driving towards a seamless and smooth end customer experience.

For Real Estate Owners and More

The digital solution of Solitru is suitable for multiple propertiesIn the recent months various other areas in need of digitalisation have come to attention, such as the construction business, the hospitality sector and several others. 

Now the company is planning for a launch in Denmark this fall and later on branching out in Europe. Therefore, a strong partnership is indispensable.

“Tapkey is collaborative and accessible with a crisp business mindset. We value the relationship we have with Tapkey, their positive attitude and their excellent support. They understand scenarios which they can enable for us as a partner moving forward. ”, praises Marie Sievert at the end of the interview. 

Interview with Marie Sievert | CEO, Solitru

Marie Sievert

Marie has an extensive experience in international sales, thus working closely with colleagues in the DACH region. Marie has mainly worked within the aviation industry, creating global networks and international sales teams. Today she’s busy creating a successful team and collaboration for Solitru, the company’s planning to launch its products in Denmark this fall. In her free time, Marie likes hiking, horseback riding and reading.

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