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Our access control system can be integrated into other software solutions using our Tapkey Web API. This means that you have the possibility of smart access within your own system. There are plenty of use cases where mobile access is needed. One use case where keyless access was desperately needed was the temp-agency Ruigrok.

They predominantly help Poles that come to the Netherlands to work for a few months and then leave, or sometimes rotate between Poland and the Netherlands for a few months at a time. They, of course, next to the bureaucratic paperwork also require housing as well as cars to get to and from work. That is where Ruigrok comes in, as the one-stop-shop for all these things. They rent out different apartments, rooms in hotels as well as having their own building of flats. 

As they’re always looking to improve their processes, it was a no-brainer to switch to mobile access. Especially after they noticed that they spend around 30,000 euros (we are not exaggerating here!) on keys alone, as people tend to leave and forget to bring their keys back. Opting for Tapkey was an easy choice, as our Tapkey Web API made it possible to seamlessly integrate into Ruigrok’s middleware platform. The result? Incredibly streamlined processes!. No more handing over keys, chasing up people to bring their keys back or changing locks etc. 

Now, after equipping their whole building with smart locks, keys are automatically provided. The employee is registered and assigned a room directly from the planning application. Ruigrok retrieves this information into their middleware platform, and from there they use the Tapkey Web API to grant physical access. The entire process is fully automated—from creating users, granting and revoking keys to deleting users. Not to mention that it’s not just the rooms themselves to which the workers need access. They also require access to the main door, laundry room, common area and much more. With the Tapkey integration, granting and then revoking access becomes automated and is therefore also much more cost-efficient.

In order to keep improving our documentation, we ask all our integrators how the Tapkey integration process went for them and if their developers were able to handle the implementation in a seamless manner:

“The integration process went very smoothly. Most of the information was available in the documentation, and we only had questions about some minor details.. Our developers only contacted  the Tapkey team on a few occasions.” Nick Tol, Ruigrok Production

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