You want to be part of the tech revolution? Then get in touch with the world’s brightest minds at the annual CES Asia. The leading tech event takes place from 11 to 13 June 2019 in Shanghai.

Emerging technology trends that you can expect to see at the CES Asia include 5G technologies, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and vehicle technology. The vehicle technology is one of the most expected areas of the show. According to the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) the vehicle technology show floor space has doubled in size compared to last year. More than 60 global automotive brands including AudiHyundai and Nissan are featuring their latest innovations. All showcases are focussing on making cars safer and more connected. And that’s exactly where Tapkey is coming into play.

We teamed up with Garmin to showcase the ability to unlock a car via smartwatch. Garmin is working with Tapkey and the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) for lock integration and key management. The digital key solution for vehicles is demonstrated with a door demokit at the Garmin booth. Communication via Bluetooth Low Energy works completely offline (without internet connection) and in accordance with the high security requirements of the automotive industry.  It allows you to open and close car doors with Garmin’s wearables. OEMs see the opportunities to differentiate by offering their customers greater convenience and flexibility with these wearable devices.

This is how the technical process of unlocking a car with a Garmin smartwatch works:

  • The smartwatch uses Tapkey software to send an unlocking signal to the car.
  • Inside the car, the verified signal is sent to the door-control hardware.
  • The door is unlocked.

Locked status

Unlocked status

Tapkey’s access technology can be integrated into any app to enable keyless entry to vehicles using smartphones. This showcase demonstrates the potential of digital access solutions for sharing and delivery services across the growing mobility infrastructure which includes charging, parking, public transport and other digital services in  the smart cities of the very near future.

Keyless entry to the car made easy!

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